Gladstone & Main Public Relations is a strategy, communications and social impact consulting firm specializing in corporate, individual and community-based brands. Founded by Toni Allen, MBA, Gladstone & Main is committed to sowing good seeds in the world and partnering with reputable brands that do the same.

Based in the midwest, Toni has provided concierge-level comms services to clients for more than 10 years and her instincts for PR are topnotch. She’s counseled the region’s most reputable businesses, worked with nationally-recognized brands in tech, legal, tourism, banking, tribal, entertainment, oil and gas/renewable energy industries, and led companies through times of celebration, times of change and times of crisis.

Toni is a champion for inclusive workplaces and became certified in Managing Unconscious Bias. She uses her experience in DE&I to bring inclusive knowledge and cultural relevancy to clients’ campaigns. She’s done the work, and now supports organizations moving from allyship to action.

  • Toni earned an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University, where she graduated in the top 20% of her class.
  • She also holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from The University of Tulsa.
  • Toni is a member of Leadership Oklahoma City LOYAL Class XVII and was named an innovative and inspiring generational leader by NextGen Under 30.

Influence with integrity.

My homemade banana pudding has always been a conversation starter. Over dessert and ice cold milk, my grandfather, “Uncle Edison,” taught me the power in standing on your values. He demonstrated how character and morals, at our very core, define us. Our integrity can influence those around us.

I watched Uncle Edison influence with integrity, and take charge of any room he entered. I know that when I enter a room, too, my values speak volumes, I am confident in who I am, and I have the power to influence through my words.

Named for my grandfather and his birthplace in Oklahoma, I launched Gladstone & Main Public Relations with a commitment to sow good seeds in the world and partner with reputable brands that do the same.

Rev. Thomas Edison Jones, was born in Frederick, Oklahoma, where Gladstone Avenue and Main Street meet.