How Freelancers Prepare For A New Quarter

New quarter, new goals! I am the first to admit that winging it can work, but not without a vision. No one stumbles into greatness.

So many great freelancers chimed in this piece. myself included. Learn how solopreneurs work and how I plan quarterly goals with good, better and best outcomes.

Set new goals

“Freelancers have to pivot…a lot,” says Toni Allen, publicist and owner of Gladstone & Main Public Relations. “I try to level up each quarter. I look at my goals and accomplishments from the last few months, set attainable goals that reflect where my business currently stands, and set Million-Dollar Vision goals that require me to push myself.”

For Julie Moe, freelance web designer and CEO of The Gutsy Mama Project, breaking down those goals into smaller, manageable steps is key.

“Want to network? Find five events that your ideal customer would go to. Want to run ads? Make a list of all the steps to make that happen,” says Julie. “This helps you feel like you’re kicking ass even when you haven’t reached your big goal yet and keeps you moving forward.”

But give yourself grace if you don’t reach those goals

“I think we fall into a trap of feeling like we need to constantly achieve and do better and pass the next goal post,” says Sarah, “especially when we’re driven individuals working for ourselves. But maintain your perspective and look at what you did achieve!”

Toni adds, “You can finish the year strong. If you didn’t see the business flow the way you were hoping for, what needs to change? What networking events can you attend? What business development opportunities are out there? Set your intentions and approach your goals one quarter at a time. The same goes for my clients — no one stumbles into greatness! Together we set a vision for good, better and best outcomes.”

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