I specialize in creating thoughtfully branded websites

for entrepreneurs.

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cindy mcghee

certified public accountant

Entrepreneurs I Have Worked With:

norman markland

licensed professional counselor

jenn bryan

travel agent

gail cato

licensed professional counselor

tiara miller


Hey there!


toni allen

I like to work with dope

people d dope things.

I design beautifully branded websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Through UX/UI and responsive design, I craft websites for the customer while supporting you in confidently crushing sales goals .

Over the last 10 years, I have built successful brands alongside my clients through websites, logos, graphics and brands designed for clicks and conversions.

Let’s craft a website that achieves amazing results.

about gladstone & MaiN

In 2022, I opened the digital consultancy Gladstone & Main with a commitment to sow good seeds in the world and partner with reputable brands that do the same. We’ve moved from allyship to action. Today I design websites for my dream clients and have a passion for supporting minority business founders who, historically, have little access to resources and capital.

my ideal client:

You are a small biz with a small biz budget, you are a minority business founder or you are a local community-based organization that I am obsessed with.

why 'gladstone & main?'

My homemade banana pudding has always been a conversation starter. Over dessert and ice cold milk, my grandfather, Uncle Edison, taught me the power of standing on your values. He demonstrated how character and morals define us at our very core, and can ultimately influence those around us.

I watched Uncle Edison influence with integrity and take charge of any room he entered. I know that when I too enter a room, my values speak volumes. I am confident in who I am, and I have the power to influence through my words and actions.

The Reverend Thomas Edison Jones, was born in Tillman County, Oklahoma, where Gladstone Avenue and Main Street meet.

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